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OCTOBER 13, 2021

Sine Draco Aviation Development Announces the Induction of the Prototype A321-200 SDF at Ascent Aviation Services for Passenger to Freighter Conversion

Nanchang, China and Bellevue, WA, October 13, 2021 – Sine Draco Aviation Development Ltd. (“Sine Draco”) today announced the induction of the prototype A321-200 airplane at Ascent Aviation Services in Tucson, Arizona, for conversion from passenger to cargo configuration. The airplane will be designated the A321-200 SDF with FAA Supplemental Type Certificate approval anticipated in the 3rd quarter 2022.


Press Releases

JUL 20 2021

Sine Draco Aviation Development Announces the Induction of the Prototype A321-200 SDF for a Heavy Maintenance Visit

JUL 06 2021

Sine Draco Aviation Development Announces the Addition of Aviation Industry Veteran Eric Chen as Senior Advisor

APR 08 2021

AVIC Shenyang Commercial Aircraft Corporation Selected for Manufacturing of the Main Deck Cargo Door for Sine Draco Aviation Development’s A321-200 SDF

OCT 20 2020

Sine Draco Aviation Development Announces the Selection of Ascent Aviation Services for its A321-200 SDF Passenger to Freighter Conversion 

OCT 14 2020

Sine Draco Aviation Technology Ltd Receives AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001 Certifications 

FEB 13 2020

Sine Draco Acquires an Airbus A321-200 for P-F Prototype Development

OCT 2018

Sine Draco Selects Ancra as Supplier for A321 SDF Cargo Loading System

OCT 17 2018

Sine Draco Selects Sierra Completions as Engineering-design Supplier for A321-200 SDF Passenger-to-freighter

APR 17 2018

ALOFT AeroArchitects Signs ARJ21 Business Jet Auxiliary Fuel System Contract with COMAC


Sine Draco in the News

OCT 2021

Triumph Selected To Support The Sine Draco A321-200 SDF Freighter Conversion Program

Triumph Group

AUG / SEP 2021

Prototype A321 Starts Conversion

Aircraft Commerce

APRIL / MAY 2021

Identifying the best narrowbody conversion candidate

Aircraft Commerce

MAR 2021

The Emerging Cargo Industry will have a Better Understanding of the Narrowbody Conversion

Freighter Trends

DEC 2020 / JAN 2021

New kid on the block: 4 P-to-F programmes for the A321

Aircraft Commerce


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