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Sine Draco Selects Ancra as Supplier for A321 SDF Cargo Loading System


BELLEVUE, WA and AZUSA, CA – Sine Draco Aviation Technology (“Sine Draco”) and Ancra International, LLC announce that Ancra has been selected by Sine Draco to provide the cargo loading system and window plugs for Sine Draco A321 passenger-to-freighter converted aircraft (A321 SDF). Sine Draco is an aviation development company, with office locations in the USA and China, that focuses on developing, managing and executing large-scale aviation projects, including aircraft design, modification, certification and investment management. Sine Draco announced their development of A321 SDF earlier this year. Ancra is the industry’s leading supplier of aircraft main deck cargo loading system products with its equipment in service in nearly 60% of the world’s freighter fleet - from regional jets to large widebody aircraft.

The A321 Sine Draco Freighter aircraft offers a variety of cargo loading system options supporting the transport of:

  • 14 (88x125 or 88x108) ULDs OR 

  • 12 (88x125 or 88x108) ULDs +1 (125x96) ULD OR 

  • 12 (96x125) ULDs +1 (88x125) ULD

SineDraco A321-200SDF - In-flight.jpg

“The partners involved in the project actively cooperate with each other and have made significant progress to our A321 Passenger to Freighter (A321 SDF) program. We welcome Ancra to our development team. I believe that with this addition, we can further enhance A321 SDF being the right solution/choice for all our customers.” said Alex Deriugin, CEO of Sine Draco Aviation Technology Ltd.  

“We are very excited to be selected by Sine Draco to provide the CLS for their entry into the passenger-to-freighter market space” says Ed Dugic, Director of Sales and Marketing for Ancra. “Our unparalleled experience with narrowbody aircraft eliminated the CLS product development risk for Sine Draco, and the proliferation of our CLS products in the global fleet of freighter aircraft means that Sine Draco’s customers can rest assured that the CLS in their new aircraft will be of the same high quality and reliability that they are accustomed to from Ancra.” 


About Sine Draco

Sine Draco is a multi-national corporation with headquarters in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China with a subsidiary in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Sine Draco provides a wide range of management, certification, technical, design and engineering services for the international commercial aviation industry.

For more information, contact:

Sine Draco Aviation Technology, Ltd

Stephen Lee , EVP


1100 106th Avenue NE, #101 

Bellevue, WA 98004-4313

Ancra International 

Ed Dugic, Director of Sales & Marketing, Aircraft Systems 

office: +1-626-765-4818

mobile: +1-626-610-6794


875 West 8th Street 

Azusa, CA. 91702-2247

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