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Aircraft Storage      |      Engineering      |      Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul

Sine Draco is not only focused on developing, managing, and executing large-scale aviation projects. Complementing these capabilities are service offerings which support your fleet and operations. Whether you need engineering services, maintenance and repair or storage and part-out of an aircraft, Sine Draco is here to help.


The Sine Draco engineering services team can transform requirements for your airplanes into reality. Our maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services will keep your airplane operating efficiently and reliably. Sine Draco can also support with temporary or permanent storage of aircraft as well as dismantling and part-out of retired airplanes for their valuable parts and components. Every aspect of our company reflects a new way of thinking designed to deliver value efficiently for the life of your airplane.


Beyond just the conversion, Sine Draco offers engineering, aircraft storage and MRO services to support your fleet. One team, providing a full service solution.

Aircraft Modifications and Conversions

  • Experienced Experts and Engineering Team

  • Meet and Exceed Customer’s Expectations

  • Full-range of Customer Service Capabilities


Airframe Engineering

  • Structural and Systems Design

  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis

  • Flight and Ground Test



  • FAA, Foreign Regulatory, and Military Authority Experience

Asset / Program Management

  • Aircraft Acquisition and Asset Management

  • Professional Program Management Team

  • Dedicated Aviation Consultation


  • Tooling Design, Assembly and Installation

  • Operational Support

Flight Training

  • Pilot Training

  • Full Scope Industry and Career Training Services


Aircraft Storage

Sine Draco Aviation Center, located in Dunhuang, province of Gansu, China, focuses on the aviation recycling industry, mid- and end-of-life aircraft asset management, aircraft disassembly, part repair and certification and spare part sales.  
Our team has decades of experience, specializing in aerospace modification, repair, engineering and certification, inventory and part management and will be available to address your specific requirements.  Sine Draco can support your needs from storing aircraft temporarily removed from service, to reclaiming useable parts for inspection, overhaul, and repair to support industry spare part needs, to dismantling the airplane using sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.
Sine Draco Aviation Center offers a comprehensive solution for the times where aircraft storage is a necessity.  

Why Dunhuang?

  • Extremely dry climate, annual rainfall of 1.5 inch / 37 mm​  

  • Large modern commercial airport 

  • Tax-free zone for aircraft storage programs 

  • Major highways and railroad access 

  • Large business and tourist support infrastructure   


Key Facts about the Dunhuang Airport

  • Airport Codes: IATA: DNH; ICAO: ZLDH 

  • Runway length of 11,155 feet / 3,400 meter 

  • 24-hour apron and airport security 

  • Airport apron services / infrastructure 

  • Fueling and de-icing support 

  • Immigration and customs services 


Sine Draco Aviation Center Services and Capabilities

  • Full ferry flight services to/from Dunhuang 

  • Aircraft storage preparation and return-to-service  

  • Aircraft transition and redelivery management 

  • Aircraft audits and pre-purchase inspections 

  • Line maintenance and ground support 

  • Engineering and certification services  

  • Repair and Modification support 

  • Records storage facilities, office and warehouse space 

  • Spare Part support network 

  • 24/7 Global Customer Support 



Sine Draco offers comprehensive, integrated nose-to-tail engineering and manufacturing services for new product development; maintenance and repair engineering; and major airplane conversions, modifications, and service life extensions. 


Sine Draco will not only provide support for the design and development phases of your program but can provide customized support solutions post-delivery depending on your needs and requirements.  Our 24/7 support team will be there to assist!!  


With an experienced team and its global reach with its partners, Sine Draco is a proven leader in aviation engineering whether its design, development, program management or certification.   

Engineering Services

  • Project management and oversight  

  • Structural design, engineering, and product development of aircraft design and modifications 

  • Structural analysis, substantiation, and certification 

  • Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Analysis in support of engineering development, airplane inspection and maintenance programs 

  • Finite Element Model (FEM) development and analysis 

  • Production and manufacturing engineering 

  • On-site engineering support for modification programs 

  • Continued airworthiness support services 

  • Airplane inspection and audits for entry-into-service and transitions 


Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul

Sine Draco Aviation Development Company is finalizing plans to establish a facility capable of providing full-service aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services.  Several locations are under consideration for this facility and, upon the selection of the location, design and construction of a hangar capable of supporting the simultaneous maintenance of three narrowbody aircraft will begin. 


Supported by our world-class engineering, maintenance and certification teams, this Sine Draco facility will offer a full complement of services to support airplanes from entry-into-service to heavy maintenance checks.


The Sine Draco team is committed to providing total customer satisfaction and offering customers cost-effective products and services with the highest quality. 


Planned Services and Capabilities 

  • Heavy Maintenance 

  • Minor and major maintenance checks 

  • Lease return inspections and checks 

  • Structure modifications and repairs 

  • Modifications and Service Bulletin incorporation 

  • Interior Services 

  • Interior refurbishment 

  • LOPA changes 

  • Materials Management 

  • Duty and customs clearance support 

  • Spare part inventory management 

  • Logistics support during maintenance 

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